Report a Card You Received in Error

The U.S. Bank ReliaCard is distributed and funded at the determination of the State agency to recipients of unemployment benefits. If you received a card in error, we encourage you to contact the state agency to inform them that your information was used without your permission to file for unemployment benefits. U.S. Bank only send a ReliaCard to the recipient's as directed by the State Agency. The ReliaCard is not a credit card, and U.S. Bank does not report the ReliaCard information to Credit Bureaus.

Please complete this form to notify the U.S. Bank ReliaCard Fraud department to close the account if:

  • You or someone in your household, did not apply for unemployment and received a new card or an unemployment payment on an existing card.
  • You received a card (or multiple cards) for someone you don't know, at your residence or another address that you own or manage.

Important: This form does not get sent to the State Agency that processed the unemployment claim.